About Us


Our Company Mission

SINO EGYPT Co.  was built on the high quality standards of its founders for over 25 years. We have been in the interantional trading sector to serve both local customers(buyers) and foreign suppliers and sellers. We meet each partys needs with full satisfaction and success. SINO EGYPT is fully accomadated for the international business standard of deligation.

Our Goal

Providing the finest products( raw material, machinery, auxelries..etc). either big size or small size at any possible business sector  for the domestic market chosen of the best foreign sources, according to the needs of Egyptian market. Such services are also applied for our existing and potential customers at the best price. We are finding the best market opportunities available domestically and abroad.

Our Vision

To achieve our goals professionally relys on our technical and human capabilities. Through the domestic and global trading system and industry we are providing value-added quality products and services at the highest level available to the Egyptian national economy.

Our Values

Working hard to increase the mutual trust between our partners and our company. We are providing the best product and services with international quality standards, on the best trading and industrial transactions.

Our Services