SINO EGYPT has 25 years of experience as a trading company



  In the heart of the booming industrial city 6'th of October, Our factory was built "Golden Falcon Advanced Industries". The pioneer of the plastics industry in Egypt - specialized in the production of plastics engineering and specialized intermediation of many sectors of industry [upstream and downstream] as the leading manufacturer in the following:

Manufacturer of spare parts and accessories

Means transportation such as automobiles and motorcycles 

  •   Our plant is ready to manufacture and supply all plastic products and engineering according to the requirements of our customers.

  • Our plant is updated with the latest equipment and modern instruments in the field of "Mold Plastic Injection" to ensure quality products with full support expertise - depending on the institutional experience and technical competence as well as the experience of staff.

  • Enjoy the experience of factory management, specializing in plastic and metal coating of the highest quality possible using the latest machinery and the best raw materials for coloring.

  • Private sectors run the factory, as well as metal integrated assembly lines - with discrimination to the mobilization and reliance of high quality in the packaging of final products.

  • Plant depends on the application of quality management at all stages of manufacturing, to achieve the standards and rates of high quality - The plant's output is maintained daily also according to foreign markets standard to export operations.

  • Plant depends on professional management in sales operations, as well as export to all global markets.